Community Reforestation Program (CRP)

The Community Reforestation Program (CRP) is another key program of FRIAA that promotes forest sustainability. The CRP was delegated to FRIAA in May of 2000 to ensure that areas harvested under the Community Timber Program are effectively reforested. Since many small operators do not have the expertise or financial stability to undertake this long-term commitment, the CRP steps in to reforest the area. The CRP is funded by reforestation levies paid directly to FRIAA by timber permit-holders. The levies are pooled and used to pay for service providers who can deliver the full range of reforestation activities. Excellent results have been attained with the program as all cutblocks included in the program are treated and returned to productivity. The CRP is critical to the long-term sustainability of the Community Timber Program administered by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry across Alberta by ensuring reforestation on cutblocks.