Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta

The Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA) was established in 1997. FRIAA's duties have been delegated by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry to promote and initiate projects that enhance Alberta's forest resources.

FRIAA is pleased to announce a call for a Request for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the FRIAA Mountain Pine Beetle Forest Rehabilitation Program (MPBFRP).  The deadline to submit a proposal is 4 p.m., July 26, 2016.

For further details and relevant documents, see the MPBFRP page.

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FRIAA is pleased to announce:


Applications for the role of Director appointed from the public-at-large on the Board of Directors of FRIAA have now closed.  We thank you for your interest. 


The Request for Proposals has closed. For more details please see the Mountain Pine Beetle Program page. 

The Call for Expressions of Interest  has closed. For more details, please see the FRIP page

The new Call for Expressions of Interest for FireSmart funding has closed.  For more details, please see the FireSmart page

Forest Resources Improvement Program

The activities of the Forest Resources Improvement Program (FRIP) improve and enhance forest resources, promote forest management, and support the sustained yield of forest resources. These projects all contribute towards key aspects of sustainability and resource enhancement through operational improvement activities, enhanced planning and inventory work, applied research projects, public education, and forest protection initiatives.

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Community Reforestation Program

The Community Reforestation Program (CRP) is another key program of FRIAA that promotes forest sustainability. The CRP was delegated to FRIAA in May of 2000 to ensure that areas harvested under the Community Timber Program are effectively reforested. Since many small operators do not have the expertise or financial stability to undertake this long-term commitment, the CRP steps in to reforest the area. The CRP is funded by reforestation levies paid directly to FRIAA by timber permit-holders.

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Mountain Pine Beetle Program

The Mountain Pine Beetle Program (MPBP) was established in 2007 to deal with effects of the Mountain Pine Beetle infestation spreading throughout Alberta.  The infestation has possibly become the single biggest threat in recent history to the sustainability of Alberta's forests. Funding provided by the province to FRIAA has allowed FRIAA’s members to be an integral part of the critical detection, control, and mitigation efforts related to the Mountain Pine Beetle with a view of Alberta forest sustainability.

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Mountain Pine Beetle Forest Rehabilitation Program

The Mountain Pine Beetle Forest Rehabilitation Program (MPBFRP) provides funding to industry (FRIAA members) to carry out activities that help to maintain or enhance forest resources by rehabilitating forest lands that have been negatively impacted by Mountain Pine Beetle. The program contemplates activities such as planting, seeding, stand tending, information gathering and other rehabilitation activities.

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Wildfire Reclamation Program

The Wildfire Reclamation Program (WRP) was initiated in 1998 to reforest and re-establish forest vegetative cover and cutblock areas damaged and destroyed by wildfires. Productive forest land and eligible cutblocks are those that were harvested and reforested at any time by industry or the Land and Forest Service and subsequently destroyed by specified wildfires. The goal of the WRP is to help sustain Alberta’s productive forests by providing funding to treat damaged or destroyed cutblocks.  Wildfires threaten the long-term sustainability of Alberta’s forests. This program is greatly beneficial to Alberta’s sustainability by reversing the damage done by wildfires.

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FRIAA FireSmart Program

The FRIAA FireSmart Program's purpose is to provide for improved protection of forest communities, resources and values through operational and planning activities designed to prevent wildfire occurrence and to reduce fire hazard throughout Alberta. The program supplements the work already done through The FireSmart Community Grant Program sponsored by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. Both aim to:

  • To support community involvement and ownership of the wildland/urban interface issues within municipal jurisdictions.
  • To provide financial assistance to those communities that wish to reduce the threat of wildfire.

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Caribou Landscape Restoration Program

The Caribou Landscape Restoration Program (CLRP) was established in 2015 to fulfill the requirements of both the Government of Canada's Recovery Strategy for the Woodland Caribou Boreal population, and the Recovery Strategy for the Woodland Caribou, Southern Mountain Population. Funding provided by the province to FRIAA supports the recovery strategies by tracking and mitigating human impact on caribou ranges, providing funding for landscape restoration, and enabling provincial monitoring and reporting through timely access to data.

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