ANNOUNCEMENT: There are no FRIP Open Funds available at this time.

As FRIAA’s cornerstone program, the Forest Resource Improvement Program (FRIP) most directly practices FRIAA’s mandate to sustain and enhance Alberta’s forests. In Alberta, the forestry industry must follow a strict set of regulations regarding timber and timber harvest established by the government. FRIP projects involve activities that are over and above mandated requirements of forest tenure holders.

FRIP projects enhance forest resources and improve the integrated management of Alberta’s forested lands for the benefit of Albertans. Projects include activities that:

  • Enhance the forest resources of Alberta
  • Promote the enhanced management of the forest resources of Alberta
  • Improve the sustained yield of the forest resources of Alberta
  • Promote integrated resource management

FRIP activities contribute to the continuing high quality of Alberta’s environment with the interest of all Albertans in mind. Supporting sustainable forests, in turn, supports Alberta’s ecosystems, economies, and communities.

FRIP projects cover a broad range of activities. These can include:

  • Direct improvements to forest resources (e.g. planting or tending trees, improving habitat for wildlife)
  • Applied research projects that contribute to better understanding of forest resources and better management of them
  • Improved inventory of non-timber forest resources (e.g. fish, wildlife or heritage resources), so that these resources can be better managed
  • Forest protection initiatives (e.g. management of insect infestations)
  • Public awareness and education activities

It’s difficult to show in a small sample the breadth of activities possible under FRIP. FRIP projects can range from compiling a grizzly bear guidebook to tree improvement studies to public outreach. FRIP projects have become a common and effective way for government, industry, researchers, small businesses, and communities to work together to enhance Alberta’s forests.

FRIAA dues are payable as per section 5 and other relevant sections of the Forest Resources Improvement Regulation (AR 152/1997) . The document is linked here.

More information on FRIAA dues can be found in Part 4 and other relevant sections of the Timber Management Regulation (AR 60/1973) . The document is linked here.

Interested in FRIAA projects that have gone before or are in progress?

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