Our name reflects our purpose – The Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA). In 1997, FRIAA was created and tasked with collecting and administering industry funds in order to enhance Alberta’s forest resources. Historically, stumpage fees were collected by the Government of Alberta as general revenue. FRIAA was created to oversee the Forest Resource Improvement Program (FRIP) funds, designed to ensure that a portion of stumpage fees was put to directly enhance the forest resource for the benefit of all Albertans.

Over the years, FRIAA has evolved to offer funding through a variety of programs – each designed to serve a different need, from dealing with mountain pine beetle to helping communities better prepare for wildfires.

FRIAA serves the people of Alberta and is accountable to the Minister responsible for Forestry. Over nearly two decades, FRIAA has helped Alberta continue to develop world-class forest management practices and a sophisticated understanding of the relationships between things like human activity, forest resources, species at risk, and wildfire. It is, uniquely, an organization able to collaborate with Academia, Government, Municipalities, Communities and Industry. It has supported practical and applied research, on-the-ground forest improvement strategies as well as innovative approaches to forest inventory and planning that helps Alberta manage its forest resource in a sustainable manner.

FRIAA’s mandate has been, and continues to be, to enhance Alberta’s forest resource, for the benefit of Albertans.


FRIAA was incorporated in 1997 as a not-for-profit association with authority delegated by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry. The first program delegated to FRIAA was the Forest Resource Improvement Program (FRIP).

Since then, FRIAA has taken on responsibility for a number of other programs. FRIAA has a proven track record for effective delivery of programs that relate to its mandate and we are more diversified than ever, helping sustain us through the ebbs and flows of different programs and program needs. FRIAA continues to grow and adapt, continuing to establish new programs like the Caribou Habitat Recovery Program (CHRP) in 2018.


FRIAA is a non-profit association with authority and responsibilities related to the enhancement of forest resources delegated under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act. FRIAA has also accepted responsibilities to deliver programs aimed at resource sustainability, public and environmental protection, and climate change adaptation under certain grant agreements with the Province.

As a “delegated administrative organization,” FRIAA is accountable to the Minister responsible for forestry. FRIAA is governed by a board of directors that is elected by the membership and appointed by the Minister.

FRIAA’s board establishes committees to assist with managing specific board functions and tasks that require attention outside of regularly scheduled board meetings. The mandates for these committees are established by the board in accordance with its accountability framework and policies. All committees report directly to the board against desired committee outcomes, relevant policies, and mandates. For more information on our structure and committees, please see our Annual Report.


FRIAA’s mandate is to establish and administer programs and initiatives as directed under the Forests Act and the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.

FRIAA’s mandate is further defined by its purpose and objectives, which are to establish programs and initiatives to:

  • Enhance the forest resources of Alberta
  • Promote the enhanced management of the forest resources of Alberta
  • Improve the sustained yield of the forest resources of Alberta
  • Promote integrated resource management
  • Reforest public land using reforestation levies


  • Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Ltd.
  • ANC Timber Ltd.
  • Askee Development Corporation
  • Blue Ridge Lumber Inc.
  • Ed Bobocel Lumber (1993) Ltd.
  • Boucher Bros. Lumber Ltd.
  • Canadian Forest Products Ltd.
  • Crowsnest Forest Products Ltd.
  • Foothills Forest Products Inc.
  • Manning Forest Products Ltd.
  • Medicine Lodge Timber Products Ltd.
  • Mercer Peace River Pulp Ltd.
  • Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.
  • Ndeh Limited Partnership (formerly Zama Mills)
  • Northland Forest Products Ltd.
  • Spray Lake Sawmills (1980) Ltd.
  • Sundre Forest Products Inc.
  • Tall Pine Timber Co. Ltd.
  • Tolko Industries Ltd.
  • Vanderwell Contractors (1971) Ltd.
  • West Fraser Mills Ltd.
  • Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd.
  • Zavisha Sawmills Ltd.


Richard Briand

First Vice-President:
Allan Bell

Second Vice-President:
Andy Neigel

David Wall

Wendy Crosina
Daniel Lux
M.J. Munn-Kristoff

Todd Nash, MNP LLP, Edmonton