“The woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) is listed as Threatened under Canada’s Species at Risk Act and Alberta’s Wildlife Act. Woodland caribou populations in the province have been declining. The Government of Alberta’s Draft Provincial Woodland Caribou Range Plan includes caribou recovery actions and strategies that will demonstrate commitment to caribou recovery, and advancement of range planning. Recovery of both habitat and caribou populations is required. This is both technically and biologically feasible. It will include the use of conservation areas, restoration of human disturbance, mandatory Integrated Land Management (ILM), and other actions.” (Alberta Environment and Parks website)

The objective of the Caribou Habitat Recovery Program (CHRP) is to support Alberta Environment and Parks’ efforts to sustain and improve caribou habitat in a manner that supports healthy and self-sustaining caribou populations.

The specific purpose of the Program is to support the Recovery Strategy for the Woodland Caribou Boreal Population and the Recovery Strategy for the Woodland Caribou, Southern Mountain Population by providing funds for Eligible Activities.

The Program is structured around projects that are made up of Eligible Activities aimed at the Program’s purpose. Eligible Activities that may be funded through projects include:

  • Planning—This includes operational planning for caribou landscape restoration activities.
  • Caribou habitat restoration—This includes operational activities that serve to restore disturbed habitat such as reclamation and planting on seismic lines.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting—This includes activities that measure, track and report on project activities and caribou habitat conditions for project management and outcomes measurement purposes.
  • Other activities—This may include activities such as access management planning, Traditional Knowledge collection and others.