The Wildfire Reclamation Program (WRP) helps to re-establish forest cover damaged and destroyed by wildfire. Forestry companies are required to meet reforestation standards, but sometimes, after reforestation is ongoing or complete, wildfire can destroy the reforested areas.

When wildfire damages or destroys these reforested cutblocks, industry is typically relieved of their responsibility to reforest these areas yet again. This can result in reduced forestland, which has negative impacts on forest sustainability, forestry communities and ecosystems as a whole.

The WRP assists organizations wanting to undertake supplemental activities to reforest these areas again. All WRP funds are committed to reforestation activities but none of these funds can be used for reforestation activities that are the regulatory or tenure responsibility of any forest company. Wildfires threaten the long-term sustainability of Alberta’s forests, but this program helps to treat the damage done by wildfire.

Reforestation is not a quick process. The WRP supports companies throughout the duration of reforestation activities, which is typically 14 years. Eligible activities include surveys, site preparation, planting, seeding, administrative costs and others. The WRP strives to overcome the costly and negative impacts of wildfire.