The Mountain Pine Beetle Program (MPBP) was established in 2007 to control the mountain pine beetle infestation spreading throughout Alberta. The purpose of the program is to protect Alberta’s forest resource by supporting Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s efforts in controlling, suppressing and eradicating MPB.

Pine trees in most areas of Alberta are potentially susceptible to mountain pine beetle attacks. The MPBP helps participants undertake activities to detect, control and mitigate the spread and damage caused by mountain pine beetle.

Some examples of eligible activities include:

  • Aerial and ground surveys – determines where the beetle are currently active and where control activities may be required
  • Single tree control – destroys beetle larvae in infested trees before they can finish their life cycle and spread to other trees
  • Log yard management plans – monitor and contain MPB in company log yards to prevent damage to pine trees in adjacent forests
  • Protection of seed orchards and progeny test sites – provides localized protection to high-value pine trees
  • Long distance dispersal monitoring – uses low-density bait sites scattered across undamaged forests to give an early indication where the insect may be moving next
  • Regional planning initiatives – helps forest companies work together to determine what steps need to be taken in the future to mitigate the impact of MPB

The MPBP permits integration of a massive effort by the Government of Alberta to control mountain pine beetle with those of forest industry partners. The ultimate goal of the program is to keep Alberta’s forests healthy and reduce the harm caused by a potentially devastating infestation.