The Community Reforestation Program (CRP) supports sustainability of forest resources by reforesting cutblocks harvested by smaller timber operators. Every timber operator in Alberta must meet strict reforestation requirements after harvest. Small timber operators don’t necessarily have the right skill set or resources to do their own reforestation. The CRP provides these independent companies with the assurance that reforestation is done well so that they can focus on other aspects of their business.

These family-owned businesses pay a levy to FRIAA, who coordinates with qualified service providers across the province to deliver the full range of reforestation activities. The program achieves excellent results, with all the cutblocks being treated and the projected growth from these cutblocks exceeding provincial targets.

Reforestation is critical for long-term forest sustainability. Healthy forests help create thriving communities, environment, industry and economy for years to come. The CRP works with the future in mind, while also considering the unique abilities and situations of small timber operators.

Reforestation levies are payable as per section 5.1 and other relevant sections of the Forest Resources Improvement Regulation (AR 152/1997) . The document is linked here.

More information on reforestation levies can be found in Part 6 and other relevant sections of the Timber Management Regulation (AR 60/1973) . The document is linked here.