On December 7, 2023, Minister Loewen, Minister of Forestry and Parks, announced the Province’s $5 million contribution towards providing municipalities with financial assistance to construct fireguards in high-risk communities across the province and integrating livestock grazing as a guard maintenance tactic and economic opportunity. The aim is to create safer communities to mitigate the repercussions of wildfires and foster wildfire resilience throughout the province.

The purpose of the program is to support the Provincial FireSmart Program initiative by funding the construction of community fireguards that provide for enhanced public safety and improved protection of at-risk communities.

Applications may be submitted by municipalities; Métis Settlements, Co-operatives, Enterprise or Community Locals; and Alberta First Nations. Prioritized projects will be based on community risk level and project readiness. Proposed projects are anticipated to permit livestock grazing as a means of ongoing and longer-term vegetation management on the sites.

More information, including details on timing, the scope and phased approach of eligible projects, and proposal submissions, are available in the Opportunities section of our website.