Project Code: ALPAC-01-007
Program: FRIP
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.
Region:NE Alberta
Project Status:Complete

Object & Deliverables

This project is the continuation of a similar project and was conducted in conjunction with “ALPAC-01-06 Evaluation of Alternative Silviculture Systems for the Protection of White Spruce Understories”.
The primary objectives of this project were as follows-
• investigate a two-pass harvest system designed to remove aspen pulpwood with minimal damage to well distributed white spruce understory;
• investigate the amount of white spruce seed and seedling ingress that results from leaving various densities of residual white spruce in a predominantly aspen clearcut; and
• investigate the feasibility of creating a mixedwood stand by underplanting white spruce into a mid-rotation aspen stand.
Project planning, plot installations, timber harvesting, data collection, data analyses, determination of findings, and report writing took place over the period 1995 to 2005, inclusive.

Final Report

Final project results are contained in two separate reports, namely-
• “Final Report: Alternative Silviculture Systems for Ecosystem Based Management of Boreal Mixedwood Stands” dated June 2004; and
• “Understory Protection and Underplanting Trials Technical Report” prepared by Gitte Grover of Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries dated October 2005.