Project Code: ZAMA-01-006
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Zama Mills Ltd.

The prinicipal aim of this Project was to improve regenerated conifer stand growth and improve forest yield.

Objectives included conifer release, meeting of "free-to -grow" standards and increasing conifer productivity.

Field work on this Project was carried out over the Summer and Fall of 2002. Approximately 96.8 hectares were tended at an overall quality of 97 %. Tending costs remain very high with this years Project coming at $1,216.55 per hectare.

A concerted effort will be made for 2003 to locate prospective stands that are more conducive to mechanical tending at lower costs.

Brushing and Weeding
Conifer Release
Zama Mills Ltd.
Stand Tending Brushsaw
Density Management