Project Code: WEYDV-02-031
Sponsor:Weyerhaeuser Company Limited

Resource inventory and monitoring the results of management decisions are important components of the fisheries management cycle. For many areas of the Rocky Mountain House and Nordegg Districts the current fisheries information is unknown, or outdated. The purpose of this project was to deliver a fisheries resource inventory program for prioritized drainages of the Rocky Mountain House and Nordegg Districts to facilitate improved resource protection and resource management strategies.

Fisheries data was collected and stored using a standardized methodology. Stream inventories were conducted during the open water season beginning in June and ending in late October 1998.

Information on fish population and aquatic habitats at 12 prioritized drainages in the Rocky and Nordegg Districts was collected. The Alberta Conservation Association established 189 inventory sites, and Rocky Wood Preservers provided information for an additional 66 inventory sites. The collected data is stored in the newly established Provincial Fisheries Management Information System (FMIS). The data was used to produce sport fish presence/absence and habitat classification maps, fisheries information digital hydro layers, inventory site maps and individual survey data.