Project Code: ROCKY-01-013
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Rocky Wood Preservers Ltd.

The primary purpose of this Project was to site prepare and fill-in plant several areas in two previously regenerated cutblocks that contained insufficiently stocked areas.

Specific objectives included "hoe" mounding of approximately 34 hectares and the subsequent planting of 51,000 white spruce seedlings in the understocked areas within the two cutblocks.

The site preparation work was carried in late May and early June of 2004 – followed by the tree planting in the 3rd week of June. In all 44,820 white spruce seedlings [1 + 0 spruce in 412A containers] were planted over 34.33 hectares.

Project results are summarized in a fifteen page report, entitled "Re-treatment of Two Areas Where Reforestation Obligations Had Been Achieved Previously", prepared by Paul King, and dated October 6, 2004.

Site Preparation
Rocky Wood Preservers Ltd.
Non-stocked Areas
Re-generated Cutblocks
Fill-in Planting