Project Code: HIWOOD-01-180
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Hinton Wood Products
Project Status:Completed

Object & Deliverables

The project was intended to carry out upgrades of a number of recreational sites- Brown Creek Campground, Brazeau River Campground, Elk River Campground, Pembina Forks Campground, Fairfax Lake Campground, Lovett Campground, Watson Creek Campground, Whitehorse Creek Campground, Gregg Cabin Campground, McLeod North & South Campgrounds, Emerson Lakes Campground, Petite Lake Campground, Rock Lake Campground, Spruce Management Trails, Happy Creek Trail, McLeod Group Campground, Wildhorse Campground, Wildhay Group Campground, and Cardinal River Divide Rest Stop.

Also included was a new mountain bike trail on Bighorn Ridge.

Final Report

A Final Report was provided, including the status of each sub-project February 3, 2021. Upgrades on the campgrounds included such items as:

  • replacement of woodbins
  • replacing existing garbage cans
  • repair of doors to washrooms
  • installation of new picnic tables and firepits
  • repair of potholes on campground roads
  • replacement of signage
  • repair of structures damaged by vandalism
  • removal of trees blown down by windstorms
  • replacement of recycling bins
  • installation of boardwalks and walking bridges
  • trail maintenance and re-design
  • creation of a Mast Plan for the trail system