Project Code: SUNPIN-01-042
Sponsor:Sunpine Forest Products

Through targeted training, the aim of this Project was to support the development of ecologically based planning processes dealing with rare and endangered plants, and wildlife species of concern within the south-central Eastern Slopes of Alberta.

Project objectives included provision of training and materials necessary for course participants to perform field level rare plant and wildlife species of concern identification.

During 2002, a single one-day training course was held for a total of fifty-five trainees. The Course covered both wildlife species of concern and rare plants. A summary of the Workshop is contained in a twenty-seven page report entitled,"Introduction to Species of Concern and How to Identify Them".

Support reference books/materials were supplied to each participant, i.e. "Rare Vascular Plants of Alberta", "Scats and Tracks of the Rocky Mountains", "Compact Guide to Birds of the Rockies", and "Birds of Northern and Central Alberta-audio CD".

Field Identification
Ecologically Bases Planning
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Rare and Endangered Plants
Wildlife Species of Concern