Project Code: DMI-01-012
Sponsor:Daishowa Marubeni

The purpose of this Project was to complete spruce budworm management surveys in the Upper Hay Forest Area in northwestern Alberta.

The specific objectives of this Project included an aerial spray program, an aerial defoliation survey, pheromone trap monitoring and larval population surveys. The aerial spray program was conducted to control part of the budworm infestation within the Upper Hay Forest area. An estimated 47 617 ha of 1998 defoliated white spruce stands and adjacent host stands were sprayed with Thuricide 48LV and 12 932 ha of similar stands were sprayed with one application of Mimic 240LV.

The results and technical details of this Project are contained in the 27 page final report "1999 Northwest Boreal Region Spruce Budworm Management Program" completed by Mike Maximchuk of Alberta Environmental Protection.

Upper Hay Forest Area
Alberta Environmental Protection
Spruce Budworm