Project Code: MWI-01-017
Sponsor:Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.

Established in 1995, the Sustainable Forest Management Network (SFMN) is an incorporated, non-profit Canadian Research Network of Centres of Excellence based at the University of Alberta, Edmonton. The SFMN supports interdisciplinary, university-based research that addresses issues related to sustainable forest management in the boreal forest. The program is divided into three Research Legacies: Understanding Disturbance, Strategies for Sustainable Forest Management and Impact Minimization. The research projects focus on the development of strategies and institutions to achieve each Legacy. The SFMN is funded by the Government of Canada, provincial governments, forestry companies, aboriginal groups, a non-governmental organization, the University of Alberta, and the BIOCAP Canada Foundation. Funds are allocated to research projects based on a peer-review process.

Program details, funding partners, and current projects can be found on the SFMN website at