Project Code: MDFP-01-010
Program: FRIP
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Manning Diversified Forest

Object & Deliverables

The purpose of this project was to reduce competition to individual coniferous crop trees thus improving growth potential and assuring the harvest queue. Competition to crop trees from other trees (both coniferous and deciduous species) and tall shrubs was controlled in an integrated one-pass stand tending program.  The program integrated brushing/weeding and pre-commercial thinning, applying either where needed. Treatment techniques were targeted (or stem selective) in nature and used selectively thus ameliorating impact on the deciduous crop. Ground surveys were also conducted in order to complete treatment prescriptions for blocks to be treated in 1999.

The specific objectives of the project were as follows; develop stand tending prescriptions, develop a program plan, implement treatment plan and to conduct both aerial and ground surveys.

The purpose of this Project was to continue Manning Diversified Forest Product’s mixedwood management strategy through stand tending for 1998.


Final Report

The activities of this Project included manual brushsaw tending (188.6 ha), basal bark tending (185.1 ha), the establishment of a permanent sample plot to monitor response to tending, and aerial and ground surveys on 691 ha to assist with planning the 1999 stand tending program.

Stand Tending Brushsaw
Basal bark treatments