Project Code: BOUBRO-01-001
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Boucher Bros. Lumber Ltd.

Primary Project objectives were to increase the conifer component of deciduous dominated mixedwood cut-overs and to enhance mixedwood stand development.

Specific objectives included the creation of plantable microsites [mound scarification], follow-up planting, installation of monitoring plots, and tending [ground herbicide applications on a mound x mound basis] as required.

Work to date associated with this Project took place over the period of May 2000 to October 2002.

Results to date are contained in a termination report entitled "Mixedwood Establishment Project in the P4 FMU Final Progress Report", prepared by Kris Kennedy, and dated September 5th, 2003.

This Project was terminated at the Company’s request as they intend to fund future Project activities with internal resources.

Yield Maximization
Mixedwood Management
Boucher Bros. Lumber Ltd.