Project Code: TOLKHL-01-078
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Tolko Industries Ltd.
Project Status:Completed

Object & Deliverables

The project goal was to collect LiDAR and imagery in order to complete two types of LiDAR derived operational forest inventories.

  1. Individual Tree Inventory (ITI)
  2. Hybrid (Hex) inventory

The LiDAR-derived individual tree inventory provides highly detailed attributes at a fine spatial scales (i.e. tree ) level, and the Hybrid (Hex) forest inventory utilizes the individual tree inventory data combined with field plots rolled up into 400 m2 hexagons to provide per hectare inventory values/metrics.


Final Report

The final report was submitted by Shannon Sexsmith on December 2, 2021.

Final Deliverables included:

  • an external hard drive with the ITI and Hybrid inventory products
  • The “LiDAR/ITI/Hybrid Tree Inventory for FMUS19 and S21 – Metadata document”
  • LiDAR Add-in Tool installation and use instructions
  • Final Technical Report and wrap-up presentation