Project Code: DMI-01-033
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:Daishowa Marubeni

The original purpose of this Project was to field test the "Proposed Integrated Pest Management Survey Manual" as developed by the Canadian Forest Service.

Objectives included methodology testing, determination of information deficiencies, investigation of integration possibilities between industry and government, and assessment of actual survey costs.

The "pilot Project" was implemented over the Summer of 2001 utilizing five broad survey types – PSP visitations surveys, regeneration surveys, aerial detection surveys, ground-truthing surveys, and subterranean surveys.

The "deliverable" is a comprehensive report outlining the results and recommendations of the Pilot Project. It is entitled"Forest Health Monitoring System – Pilot Project" and dated December 2001.

Protocols & Methodologies
Insect and Disease Surveys
Ground Truthing
Aerial Surveys