Project Code: NIEMI-01-002
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:Niemi Lumber Ltd.

The original purpose of this Project was the preparation and completion of a General Development Plan for the timber areas of most interest to the Smoky River Community Forest Group.

Project objectives included an accurate inventory of the timber resource in FMU’s G2 & G4; development of a new base map for the timber area; integration of primary forest stakeholder input, forest, wildlife & other planning information; and production of a fifteen year harvest sequence.

The work accomplished on this Project took place over the Fall of 2001 and the early Winter of 2002.

Results achieved during the early phase of the Project were identification of air photo sources, definition of the data structure to be used for the mapping portion, location of all available vegetation maps, initial compilation/preparation of the required base maps, and a listing of requirements for each sub-contractor involved.

Unfortunately this Project was stalled in an early stage due to ASRD – LFD’s subsequent denial of access to their IRS imagery & digitized timber cruise data and the eventual withdrawal by Tolko Forest Industries for permission to use the digitized timber cruise data in FMU G2. In both instances these were reversals of earlier permissions to utilize.

On September 2nd, 2003 the Smoky River Community Forest Group formally requested that the Project be terminated in its uncompleted state and FRIAA concurred.

Incomplete Project
Valleyview Area
Community Timber Supply
Niemi Lumber Ltd.