Project Code: DMI-01-015
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:Daishowa Marubeni

The primary objective of this Project was the completion of an inventory update to AVI Standard v2.1 for approximately 336 township equivalencies within the Forest Management Units currently identified as FMU 14, FMU 23, FMU 24H, and F25H.

Supplementary objectives included the classification of wetlands to Alberta Wetland Classification Standards, a volume sampling program, and a hydrology/transportation features update for about 100 townships.

The field and office work associated with this Project was carried out over the period of October 1998 to October 2000.

The Project results are summarized in a twenty page report entitled " Inventory and Volume Sampling Summary – Footner Lake", prepared by the Forestry Corp. and dated March 31, 2003. Forming part of this report are three appendixes: Appendix 1. Volume Sampling Field Manual; Appendix 2. Annual Volume Sampling Summaries [1995 to 1999]; and Appendix 3. Sample Plot Listing [including 15/11 volumes and stem densities].

All digital data including base data, orthophotos, etc. is housed at Tolko Industries Ltd., High Level Lumber Division. Geographic Air Survey Ltd. of Edmonton, AB. hold the negatives for the aerial photography taken.

Inventory Update
Hydrology/Transportation Features
Wetlands Classification
AVI v2.1 Standards
Footner Lake Forest