Project Code: FOOMOD-01-010
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Foothills Research Institute - fRIResearch
Project Status:completed

Object & Deliverables

In response to interest by the forest industry, gas and oil companies and government, the Foothills Research Institute facilitated collaboration among a number of industrial operators to create a Forum for industrial footprint management within the Little Smoky and A la Peche Caribou ranges. The forum has been funded by member dues under FRIAA projects, along with monies from the Alberta and Canadian governments.

Continuation of the FRI projects of the FLMF that began with FOOMOD-01-004 IN 2005 to advance ILM linkage to LUF, RAD’S, land stewardship, reclamation and their impacts on caribou and grizzly.

This project contains a workplan and several goals for land stewardship in the time frame it covers.

Final Report

Reports presented at the Annual General Meetings of the Forum have been presented. The Final Report was presented April 30, 2016 with details of the accomplishments.