Project Code: WOLF-01-002
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Woodland Operations Learning Foundation (WOLF)
Project Status:Completed


Object and Deliverables

Development of a series of training modules to strengthen the skills that drivers already have, while allowing them to increase their competence, expertise and know-how.

The FRIAA-funded portion of each module was designed to:

·       Increase awareness and understanding of Alberta’s forests and sustainable forest management

·       Develop procedures and guidelines that promote environmental protection of air, soil, water, trees and wildlife during the loading and transport of forest products on Alberta’s highways

·       Promote enhanced management of Alberta’s forests by helping log truck drivers become advocates for the protection and conservation of Alberta’s forest resources.


Final Report

Training modules were developed as of 31 July 2021

·       Module 1- Log Haul Administration

·       Module 2- Roadworthiness

·       Module 3- Loading, Securement and Transport (English)

·       Module 3- Loading, Securement and Transport (German- delayed while translator contracted COVID-19- not part of the FRIAA-funded portion)

·       Module 4- Destination

·       Module 5- Emergencies

·       Module 6- Log and Chip Transport Overview

There is a total of 507 student enrollments in the program to date.

Partnership companies include:

·       Vanderwell Contractors (1971) Ltd.

·       Tolko Industries Ltd.

·       Weyerhaeuser Canada

·       Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.

·       Canfor Corporation

·       Mercer International Inc.

·       West Fraser Timber Company Ltd.