Project Code: SPRAY-01-019
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Spray Lake Sawmills (1980) Ltd.
Project Status:Completed

Object & Deliverables


Build on pilot study (SPRAY-01-16) using LiDAR technology to complete strategic forest inventory meeting government AVI standards and proving better information to minimize damage from Mountain Pine Beetle. The purpose of the project was to investigate the following processes:

  • to establish the exact form of the various models and procedures that will be deployed with the goal of obtaining a maximally precise, unbiased inventory with operational attributes as well as to complete a set of AVI attributes to meet ASRD requirements .
  • to develop the procedures to produce a polygon-based inventory that will be accepted by ASRD in the context of current AVI standards
  • to compare the reliability of photo-interpreted attributes with actual ground-plot based attributes, and to compare these with levels of precision and bias obtained using imputation procedures.

Final Report

The final report, “High Resolution Forest Inventory: Photo Interpreter versus Ground Plot Attribution” was prepared by Ian Moss of Tesera Systems Inc. February 2014.

The report presented the analytical results of a comparative analysis of the reliability of photo interpreter estimates in relation to ground-based plot estimates.