Project Code: STJEAN-01-004
Program: FRIP
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:St. Jean Lumber (1984) Ltd.
Region:FMU L8
Project Status:Complete

The objective of this project was to contain and eliminate the spread of dwarf mistletoe in Forest Management Unit (FMU) L8. The removal of potentially infested pine trees in the affected and adjacent areas was completed. The treated area consisted of 113.7 ha. All merchantable timber was salvaged and disposal of all limbs, tops and unmerchantable wood by burning was completed to remove all remaining mistletoe from the site. The affected area was reforested with white spruce (a non-host species) to restrict and prevent the spread of mistletoe infestations in the future. Project activities were completed during the period 2006 through 2008. Final results and yearly activity reports are included in the outcomes report, “Final Technical Report – St. Jean-01-004 Dwarf Mistletoe Pine Salvage, Disposal and Reforestation” June 2008, prepared by St. Jean Lumber (1984) Ltd.