Project Code: DMI-01-018
Sponsor:Daishowa Marubeni International Ltd.

The Northern Watershed Project was a collaborative research project involving nine representatives from industry, conservation groups and government. The project had three primary objectives: develop and test the impact of different buffer width criteria and subsequent guidelines on the Notikewin watershed, develop predictive models relating fish community structure with watershed attributes in the Notikewin basin and determine the effects of watershed disturbances on fish community structure in the Kakwa and Simonette basins.The project took place over the period from spring 1999 to March 2003. The results are presented in the following four reports:
1. Riparian Forest Management: Paradigms for Ecological Management and Practices in Alberta
2. Stream Fish Management: Defining Relationships between Landscape Characteristics and Fish Communities in the Notikewin River Basin, Alberta
3. Cumulative Effects: Cumulative Effects of Watershed Disturbance on Stream Fish Communities in the Kakwa and Simonette River Basins, Alberta
4. Riparian Forest Management: Simulation of Four Riparian Guidelines on Seral Stage and Canopy Type Distributions on Forests in Northwestern Alberta