Project Code: MW-01-080
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:Millar Western Forest

The primary objective of this Project was the development of a digital GIS Land Use Layer for all of the twenty-five townships locaterd within the W11 Forest Management Unit near Ft. Assiniboine in central Alberta.

Activities associated with this Project occurred over the Summer and Fall of 2003.

Final Project results are summarized in a brief report entitled "Final Technical Report for the Development of a Digital GIS Land Use Layer in Forest Management Unit W11, prepared by Ray Hilts of Millar Western Forest Products, and dated December 12, 2005.

Final Project deliverables included –
* ARC/INFO export format files,
* all files Projected to NAD 83, Zone 11,
* spatial land use data tiled by township in ARC/INFO library format,
* joined spatial data to attribute data from LSAS,
* labelling capability through ARC/INFO annotation and ARCVIEW, and
* final land use dataset on CD-ROM [25 townships completed].

Geographic Information System
Central Alberta
Forest Management Unit W11
Land Use Layer
Millar Western Forest Products