Project Code: BOUBRO-01-002
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Boucher Bros. Lumber Ltd.

Object & Deliverables


The overall purpose of this Project was partial funding for the Boreal Forest Research Centre, which was/is a consensus governed, multi-party forest group that identifies and supports regional research, development, and education throughout northwest Alberta.

Specific Project objectives included promoting: public awareness and involvement in forest research; coordination of regional research and development activities; technology transfer and training; and high school student education in forest research.

Funding support for Research Centre activities occurred over the period July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2004.

Project results are detailed in three annual progress reports and a three-year summary report as follows:
* First Annual Progress Report – Boreal Forest Research Centre dated September 2002,
* Second Annual Progress Report – Boreal Forest Research Centre dated September 2003,
* Annual Report 2003/04 – Boreal Forest Research Centre dated June 30, 2004, and
* Final Report – Boreal Forest Research Centre dated August 6, 2004.

Eight other partners supported this initiative including Canadian Forest Products Ltd., Daishowa – Marubeni Ltd., and Zavisha Lumber Ltd.

Forest Research
Northwest Alberta
Coordination of Research Activities
Technology Transfer
High School Participation
Boucher Bros. Lumber Ltd.
Public Awareness & Involvement