Project Code: CANFOR-01-055
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:Canadian Forest Products

he primary purpose of this Project was to investigate the response of regenerating stands on different silvicultural treatments and ecosites [ecological site quality].

Specific objectives included:
* evaluating available data sources & developing a data structure,
* conducting retrospective analyses on existing data sets,
* determining the effectiveness of treatments on certain ecosites,
* providing evidence to support increased productivity in managed stands compared to natural stands,
* validating silviculture prescription assumptions & predicted outcomes,
* improving the understanding of mixedwood dynamics/management; and
* identifing data gaps & direction for continued monitoring efforts.

The various tasks associated with this Project took place over the period of May 2003 to and including June 2004.

Project results are contained in an eighty-eight page report entitled "Stand Responses to Silvicultural Treatments and Ecological Site Quality", prepared by Geographic Dynamics Corp., and dated June 2004.

Varying Ecosites
Different Siliviculture Treatments
Growth Responses
Regenerating Stands