Project Code: WEYDV-02-252
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd.
Project Status:Complete
This FRIAA project funding was originally intended to be applied to the costs associated with planting and fencing three new progeny sites within the Region A2 CPP. These new trials improve the geographic coverage of the region, increase the breeding population size, and allow for continued genetic gain progress with greater genetic diversity.
This trial series includes testing 621 selected parents from the Region A2 CPP, 160 of which were selected in 2020.
The three site locations are: Grace Creek (G825C), Svedburg (G825E), Wolf Lake (G825D).
The objectives were to further establish three progeny sites (mentioned above) in relation to the G826 Region A2 pine seed orchard. This will include the following activities:
– spring site assessments
– final planting layout
– planting of the seedlings
– geneticist consultation
– data management and final submission of planting reports
– fenceline mulching
  • Continued establishment of three progeny sites