Project Code: WELD-01-114
Program: FRIP
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Hinton Wood Products

Object & Deliverables


The overall purpose of this Project was to increase knowledge of terrestrial species and their response to management activities, increase knowledge of natural disturbances, and use this consolidated information to assist with planning and implementation of sustainable forest management in the greater Hinton Area.

Specific Project objectives are contained within each of the ten sub-Project workplans attached to the original proposal dated April 6, 2004.

Field work was carried out during the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2004.

Final Report

Project results are contained in the following reports –

* Pinto Creek Mountain Goat Monitoring Program, prepared by Fiera Biological Consulting Ltd, and dated December 2004;
* Researching Amphibian Numbers in Alberta, Athabasca Valley Region – Hinton, Alberta – 2004 Field Summary, prepared by Gavin Berg & Lisa Wilkinson, and dated 2004;
* Foothills Model Forest Grizzly Bear Research Program – 1999 to 2003 Annual Report, prepared by Gordon B. Stenhouse& Karen Graham, and dated March 2005;
* Island Remnants on Foothills and Mountain Landscapes of Alberta – Part II on Residuals, prepared by D.W. Andison, and dated November 2004;
* Dendroecological Analysis of Large Woody Debris in Riparian Zones of Foothills Landscapes of Alberta – Pilot Study Report, prepared by Dr. Lori D. Daniels & Sonya R.E. Powell, and dated October 31,2003;
* Draft Report – Foothills Model Forest Stream Crossings Association – Stream Crossing Protocol Assessment, prepared by Millenium EMS Solutions Ltd., and dated May 2005;
* A Stream Crossings Remediation Planning Process And Example Application in the Foothills Model Forest, Alberta, prepared by R. McCleary, S. Wilson, & C. Spytz, and dated 2004;
* Stream Crossing Inspections Manual, prepared by Richard McCleary, Chris Spytz, Heidi Schindler & Robert Anderson, and dated March 31, 2006;
* Caribou Habitat Assessment in the Little Smoky/A La Peche Region, West Central Alberta, prepared by the Forestry Corp., and dated October 18, 2004; and
* Progress Report Spring 2005 Flying Squirrel Project, prepared by Matthew Wheatley , and dated April 2005.



West Central Alberta
Natural Disturbances
Planning & Implementation
Hinton Wood Products
Increased Knowledge Base
Sustainable Forest Management Plans