Project Code: BRL-01-044
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Blue Ridge Lumber (1981)

The primary purpose of this Project was the reduction of deciduous competition, thus assisting the coniferous crop trees to maintain "free-to-grow" status.

Objectives included the decrease of intra- and inter-specific competition, establishment ofr pre-determined densities and composition structure within each block, and the creation of an environment in which the crop trees can maintain "free-to- grow" status.

Over the 2001 field season, approximately 2,360 hectares were manually tended using brush saws. "All found" costs were $536.39 per hectare and overall quality on a majority of the blocks exceeded the 92.5% level.

Mechanical Tending
Manual – brush saw
Blue Ridge Lumber
Density Management
Conifer Release
Weeding & Thinning