Project Code: MW-01-072
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Millar Western Forest

The principal aim of this Project was to reduce vegetative competition and increase the survival & growth of juvenile conifer stands located in the L03J Forest Management Unit of northeastern Alberta.

Specific objectives included increasing the survival & growth of juvenile conifer by controlling Calamagrostis, Rubus, Betula and Populus spp.; maintaining the combined area of treatment blocks/adjacent proposed harvest blocks under a maximum size as outlined in Alberta Pacific’s DFMP; and minimizing extended lines of sight where treatment blocks abut proposed harvest blocks or those not having met "green-up" requirements.

Over the period of August & September 2000, twenty-seven blocks comprising six hundred and forty-five hectares of juvenile conifer stands were aerial sprayed with the herbicide "Vision" at a per hectare cost of $284.45. Post-tending reviews were conducted for each block in June and July of 2001.

Results are summarized in a eight page report, entitled "2000 Vegetation Management Program", prepared by David J. Flynn & Ron Sparrow, and dated July 11, 2003.

Vegetative Competition
Aerial Herbicide
Deciduous Spp.
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