FRIAA is pleased to announce 1 current funding opportunities

The purpose of this RFP under the Enhanced Reforestation of Legacy Disturbance (EnRLD) Program is to assess previously burnt stands in order to understand which areas are most desirable for planting efforts. The successful applicant(s) of this RFP will be required to conduct site assessments on areas effected by recent wildfires (within the last 5 years). This initial RFP will allow FRIAA to assess the naturally disturbed areas in Alberta and determine which previously forested areas require assistance to regenerate efficiently. The successful applicant(s) will recommend potential Silviculture prescriptions based on detailed assessment information to be collected and analyzed.

  •       Specific requirements and further explanation can be found in the RFP  downloadable zipfile.
  •       The deadline for proposal submission is June 24, 2019 at 4 PM MST.

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