Project Code: ANC-01-030
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:ANC Timber

Object & Deliverables

This project proposal is part of a multi-partnered comprehensive study program to study three main herds of cariboiu in west centeal Alberta.

Wolf (Canis lupus) predation is thought to be the proximate cause for the decline of threatened woodland caribou (Rangifer Tarandus caribou) populations in Alberta. Caribou in west-central Alberta are facing increased land use pressures from resource extraction industries, whose activities may alter the movements and distribution of wolves and ungulates. Thirty-one wolves, from eight wolf packs, were fitted with VHF and GPS radio collars on two caribou ranges in the Rocky Mountain foothills, near Grande Cache, Alberta (2000-2001). There was a mean of 8 wolves/pack and between 30/39 pack wolves on each of the RedRock/Prairie Creek and Little Smoky caribou ranges. Wolf Density averaged 11 wolves/1000km2 across caribou ranges, which exceeds the 6.5 wolves/1000km2 theoretically capable of causing a caribou decline.

Final Report

Research highlights are included in several student MSc thesis projects.