Project Code: MDFP-01-022
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Manning Diversified Forest

Object & Deliverables

The purpose of this Project was to provide training for candidates to make them eligible for Wildland Firefighting Unit Type II (WFU II) certified work.

The objective of this Project was for MDFP to train a fire crew to be eligible for Wildland Firefighting Unit Crew and LFS Fireline Certification. The fire crew would be performing a variety of work for MDFP and once there is a need for “man-up” or fire action, the crew would be available for use by the Lands and Forest Service.

Final Report

This Project involved partially funding training for Wildland Firefighting Unit Type II certification, which included specialized training in Fire Behavior, Bear Awareness, WHMIS, H2S Awareness, and map use. Trainees were also given instruction in First Aid if they were not already certified. The “training provider” for this Project was Tsuga Forestry Services.

Wildland Firefighting