Project Code: LACRET-01-001
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:LaCrete Sawmills

This Projects primary objective was the re-planting of eleven previously regenerated coniferous cutblocks comprising approximately 87 hectares that were destroyed by wildfire in the Summer of 2002.

Growing of the nursery stock and late winter snow-caching of the seedlings was carried out over the Winter of 2002/2003. Block planting was completed in June 2003. Nine cutblocks were actually re-planted totaling 82 hectares in combined area. FRIAA dollars financed almost all of the seedling procurement costs for these nine blocks.

Project results are summarized in a five page report c/w five appendices entitled "LaCrete-01-01 Wildfire Reforestation – 2003", prepared by Aaron Doepel, and dated October 15, 2003.

Coniferous Growing Stock
Wildfire Reclamation
LaCrete Sawmills