Project Code: MDFP-01-024
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:Manning Diversified Forest

The principal goals for this Project were to provide statistically valid inventory volume estimates for FMU’s P6 & P9 ; provide ecologically-based support information; and establish a framework of plots that would serve to monitor growth and yield over time.

Project objectives included the design, establishment and measurement of systematically-located TSP’s to provide standing merchantable volume estimates, descriptions of advance regeneration and understory tree components, coarse woody debris estimates, and ecological descriptions including vegetation and soils characterization.

Field data collection in support of this Project was obtained over three seasons – 2000 to 2002 inclusive. Data compilation and loading was carried out at the end of each field season and the final analyses/report writing done during the Winter of 2003.

Project results are contained in a March 2003 Final Report complete with Appendixes I to XVI inclusive. Study information is also provided digitally on three CD’s entitled "Final Report and VSP Database", "Raw Data and Compiler", and "Project Drive".

Manning Diversified Forest Products
Ecological Descriptions
FMU’s P6 & P9
Volume Sampling
Advance Regeneration/ Understory
Coarse Woody Debris Estimates