Project Code: LRRF-01-004
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:Little Red River Forestry Ltd.

The primary aim of this Project was to complete a post-fire [catastrophic wildfire in the late summer of 1998 in FMU F3] Timber Supply Analysis for the combined F3, F4, and F6 Management Units, now designated as FMU F23.

Supplementary objectives included receipt of recently completed AVI for the three units, updating of the AVI for the 1998 F3 Fire, consulting with co-operators to verify the revised inventory, conducting reviews with regionaI Indian communities, and submitting the final draft TSA for subsequent "vetting" by ASRD.

Activities associated with this Project were carried out over the period of October 1999 to November 2003 inclusive.

Project results are summarized in a five page report entitled "Timber Supply Analysis for Combined FMU’s F3, F4, and F6", prepared by Timberline Consultants, and dated November 2003.

Additional specifics are contained in the following reports, copies of which are available through Little Red River Forestry Ltd. "Yield Curve Development Forest Management Unit F23 Version 2.1 [Timberline 2001]; " The Landbase Determination Process: Technical Report [Timberline 2001]; and "The Forest Management Unit F23 Timber Supply Analysis: Technical Report [Timberline 2002].

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