Project Code: ALPAC-01-030
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Alberta-Pacific Forest Products
Project Status:Completed

Object & Deliverables

The objectives for the project were to:
• Improve timber and volume information for the approved 2015 FMP’s 20-year SHS;
• Develop relationships so that Indigenous values represented by TEK plants can be better incorporated into forest management planning processes;
• Develop a sampling plan for selected TEK plants that will support the development of relationships to timber attributes and forest management data sets;
• Undertake field sampling to obtain data;
• Investigate and develop predictive relationships between TEK plants and timber attributes and forest management data sets (this objective to be addressed in Project 2 under the second FRIAA proposal);
• Incorporate an adaptive feedback loop to review and examine initial results and improve sampling and relations; and
• Provide information to support Indigenous Community engagement.


Final report

The project provided the following main conclusions:

a. Almost 60% of the selected plant species are very common and about 25% were uncommon in the selected sample.

b. deciduous volumes are well-represented by approved FMP yield curves with 10% higher volumes than expected.

c. no substantial concerns arose for realizing the deciduous AAC in Periods I and II.

d. Conifer volume is lower than anticipated for the sampled plots; potentially this may result in a deficit in conifer volumes and that the Periods I and II AAC may not be realized.

e. Results are somewhat limited by the area and FMUs sampled — only 17 % of SHS considered for sampling , however 60% of approved SHS is within the sampled FMUs. It is possible that higher predicted conifer volumes in north-western FMA area FMUs could make up for conifer volume deficit, although that is unlikely.

The Final Report created by Forcorp Solutions was published 30 April 2021