Project Code: HIFORP-01-005
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:High Prairie Forest Products

Object & Deliverables

The Alberta Junior Forest Ranger (JFR) program is a well-established program for Alberta youth which provides opportunities for them to explore a variety of careers related to natural resource management and forestry. All JFR crews live on wildfire bases or in JFR camps for the duration of the seven-week program. Crew members and leaders stay with their crew 24 hours a day, seven days a week and complete a wide variety of work and educational projects based on natural resources. All crews consist of eight crew members (16-18 years old) from across the provinces and two crew leaders. This summer experience is challenging, unique and rewarding.

The JFR program costs have risen significantly over the years due to increases in minimum wages and increases in the cost of living. As costs have increased the financial support has remained the same. In order for the JFR program to continue to thrive, they requested help from forest industry through the Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA). This funding provides opportunities for forest industry to support the JFR program and help with basis costs to cover training of crew leaders and members. It also helps to support a three-day camp called Bull of the Woods (BOTW) for all JFR crews in the province. This camp is the final event for the season before they complete the program and gives JFRs the opportunity to showcase their newly honed work skills and to learn about Indigenous culture.

The objectives of the project were to

  1. Support training of JFR Crew and leaders
  2. Support the “Bull of the Woods” 3-day camp for all JFR crews in Alberta

Final Report


Included in Final Report are the following deliverables which support the objectives above:

  1. Staffing information
  2. Training Courses for Leaders and Crew Members
  3. Field Work for JFR’s
  4. Bull of the Woods Competition and Camp
  5. 2018 Initiatives and 2019 Plans
  6. Budget and Expenditures
  7. Project Summary