Project Code: MOSTO-01-009
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Mostowich Lumber Ltd.

Providing a regeneration status survey for all pre – 1991 harvested cutblocks located within Commercial Timber License W01 – 0037; and completing conifer release on some of the regenerated cutblocks suffering from grass, poplar & brush competition were the principal objectives of this Project.

Over the Summer and Fall of 2003, seventy-six cutblocks were surveyed [5,440 regeneration survey plots] and a total of 150.5 hectares of existing cutblocks were aerially treated with "Vision" herbicide to control grass and deciduous competition.

Project results are summarized in a seven page report entitled "Regeneration Survey Data Collection and Aerial Herbicide",

Conifer Release
Stocking Assessments
Regenerated Cutblocks [Pre-1991 Harvested] Deciduous Competition
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