Project Code: LRRF-01-007
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Little Red River Forestry Ltd.

The purpose of this Project was to improve the forest resource through stand tending in blocks that had a high level of competition, which was impeding the growth of conifer crop trees.

The objective of this Project was to reduce intra- and inter-specific competition, establish a predetermined density and composition within each block, and create an environment where crop trees can maintain free to grow standards.

The field activities related to this Project were initiated October 7, 2000 and completed by October 28, 2000. This stand tending Project involved a Block located 11 kilometres east of the Wentzel River in Quota F23. The treated block was 90.1 hectares and was tended using brush saws to remove competition. The Project created in excess of 200 mandays of employment for the Little Red River Cree Nation.

Little Red River Forestry
Stand Tending Brushsaw
Brushing and Weeding
Wentzel River