Project Code: WEYDV-02-105
Program: FRIP
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd.

Object & Deliverables

Reduction of intra & interspecific competition for light, nutrients and growing space within regenerated conifer stands was the primary purpose of this Project.

Objectives included cleaning and tending of the competing deciduous trees within 2 meters of the established lodgepole pine and 1.5 meters of white spruce. All other vegetative competition was to be removed if its height exceeded one-half the height of the “crop tree”.

Final Report

During the period of June to September 2002, seventeen cutblocks comprising 297.12 hectares were assessed on a pre- treatment basis, and cleaned/tended at an average price of $482.27 per hectare.

Final Project results were summarized in a fourteen page report entitled “Stand Tending – 2002”, prepared by Dave Kent, and dated September 12th, 2003.

Brushing and Weeding
Pre-treatment Assessments
Weyerhaeuser Canada
Density Management
Mechanical Tending – Brush Saw
Lodgepole Pine/Aspen