Project Code: WEYGP-01-079
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd.

Reduction of intra & interspecific competition for light, nutrients and growing space within regenerated conifer stands was the primary purpose of this Project.

Objectives included cleaning/tending and cleaning/girdling of the competing deciduous trees within 2 meters of the established lodgepole pine and/or white spruce crop trees. Additionally, herbicide treatment [basal bark application] was to be carried out on two cutblocks comprising approximately forty-four hectares in area.

During the late Spring & Summer of 2002 – ten cutblocks comprising 221 hectares were mechanically cleaned/tended at an average price of $774 per hectare; one 52 hectare block was girdled @ $850 per hectare; and two blocks totalling 38 hectares were treated with an application of basal bark herbicide at $958 per hectare. Quality control audits cost $27 per hectare and company Project supervision amounted to $33 per hectare.

Density Management
Mechanical Tending – Brushsaw
Herbicide – Basal Bark
Mechanical Tending – Girdling
Conifer Release
Weyerhaeuser Canada
Cleaning & Tending