Project Code: BRL-01-025
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:Blue Ridge Lumber (1981)

The aim of this Study was to gain a better understanding of the historical natural range of variability in fire size, frequency and patterns that dominate the southern Swan Hills landscape.

Objectives included determining spatial fire distribution, fire frequency & fire sizes; retrieval of age distribution for specific landscape units; calculating the probability of units within the landscape being affected by fire; and studying the effects of environmental components on the fire regime(s).

Preliminary stand origin mapping was done using 1949 to 1952 historical aerial photography and regions of homogeneous appearance in terms of vegetation cover and pattern complexity were identified. Field check sampling was subsequently carried out to verify/correct original interpretation.

The results of this Study are provided in a sixty-three page Technical Report entitled "Fire History Study of the Blue Ridge Limber FMA", dated January 1999 and accompanied by 12 Stand Origin maps that cover the entire area.

Stand Origin Mapping
Blue Ridge Lumber
Wildfire History
Southern Swan Hills