Project Code: ANC-01-009
Program: FRIP
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:ANC Timber Ltd.
Project Status:Completed

Object and Deliverables

The primary purpose of this Study was to trace Arctic Grayling spring migration and determine spawning habitat selection in the Little Smoky River drainage (west of Fox Creek, Alberta).

The objective of this Project was to use the information obtained on Arctic Grayling spring migration in planning activities on the landbase that may potentially affect prime spawning habitat.

Final Report

The movements of 29 initially tagged fish were monitored using radio telemetry from March 12 to May 21, 1996. The results of this study were compiled by ANC Timber Ltd and FRM Environmental Consulting Ltd in report titled “Spawning habitat preference of Arctic Grayling in the Little Smokey drainage”.

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