Project Code: ALBPLY-01-007
Program: FRIP
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:Alberta Plywood - a Division of West Fraser Mills Ltd.
Region:Lesser Slave Area
Project Status:Complete

Object & Deliverables

The objective of this program was to describe the magnitude and variability of water flows for selected watersheds on the south shore of Lesser Slave Lake currently being harvested by Slave Lake Pulp/Alberta Plywood. The intent of the program was to use information from the monitoring program in forest management planning to anticipate and minimize potential effects of forest harvesting on water flows, aquatic habitat and downstream reaches of the watercourses.

The project’s intent was to describe the magnitude and variability of flows to identify trends or patterns that can be used to guide forest management planning and operations. It was not designed to test specific hypotheses or to statistically detect changes in water flows or aquatic systems.

Information gathered in this program includes the following:

–              Daily precipitation (spring to fall);

–              Continuous monitoring of water levels during the open water season (June to September);

–              Periodic measurements of streamflow to capture high and low water flows;

–              Daily streamflow (m3/sec) inferred from stage-discharge relationships where possible; and

–              Surveyed stream cross-sections at flow measurement locations (i.e. rating sections).

Final Report

The results of this program are summarized in a document entitled “Hydrometric Monitoring Report – for 2010 season with discussion and analysis of long term records of Sawridge Creek.”